Professional Area

Travel agents, tour operators, coach companies, destination management companies, group tour organisers, this area is designed for you.

Here you will find tools to help you plan your days and stays for your group and individual clients in the Bayeux Bessin - D-Day Normandy destination.

Our professional relations service is on hand to help customise your programmes, put you in touch with the right service providers and meet your needs in terms of photos and documents. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.



Marine Leterrier, Relation Pros Marine LETERRIER
Responsable Relations Pros
Office de tourisme de Bayeux Intercom (siège administratif)
4 place Gauquelin Despallières
14400 Bayeux
Tél. : 02 31 51 28 27
E-mail :


Individual and group brochures

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