William's Cathedral A marvellous journey

Bayeux / From 18th December to 4th January

William's Cathedral  © OT Bayeux Intercom © OT Bayeux Intercom

Enjoy a unique experience with a brand new show for 2023 as part of the regional destination Normandie Médiévale : "A marvellous journey" 

"But who is this mysterious traveller knocking on the Cathedral's great door on a winter's evening, carrying with him the memory of the centuries and continents he has crossed?
A marvellous, captivating and spectacular journey to discover the world at the time of medieval Normandy!"

In December, Medieval Normandy puts on a show!

Session limited to 300 persons.


From 18 December to 4 January 2025
everydays  - (except 20-24-25 et 31-1er) 
Session at 6pm, 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm, 20pm
Free - without prior booking



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Pont Saint Jean
14400 BAYEUX