Back from fishing The fishing boat procession

Port-en-Bessin-Huppain / 21 February 2024

Back from fishing © DJ - Office de Tourisme de Bayeux Intercom © DJ - Office de Tourisme de Bayeux Intercom

At the height of the scallop fishing season, all the port is lit up with the lights of the fishing boats returning to the quay after a long fishing session in an incredible procession providing an unforgettable experience

Wednesday 21 February 2024 - 6.45pm
Duration : 1:00
Free - without prior booking

Well before the doors open, there are already dozens of them with all their lights on in the outer harbour or beyond the quayside, waiting to unload their precious cargo. And at last, the doors open. The procession can begin. It is a parade and a spectacle. The fishermen return to port proud and relieved.

Depending on the tides, at Quai Letourneur (opposite the L’Equipage restaurant), Aurore Lecollier, the guide from the town cultural centre and a fishing specialist, welcomes the public to comment on the arrival of the fishing boats and shares anecdotes about this very specific form of fishing, the boats and the crews.


Office de Tourisme de Bayeux Intercom

Quai Baron Gérard