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Ca m’interesse – March 2016

FRANCE – Ca m’intéresse – March 2016


The D-Day Museum (Musée du Débarquement) in Arromanches was distinguished by the magazine Ça m’intéresse, in its selection of the 200 best sites of visits in France! It takes the 15th position of the voters’ favorite sites. They were more than 12000 to give 30200 recommandations in different categories; nature/animals, art/culture, sensations, leisure and history/archeology. In this last category, the D-Day Museum takes the 7th position, with the Memorial of Caen (19th) and the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Eglise (34th).


235 000 copies

Télécran – January 2016

BELGIUM – Télécran – January 2016


Uli BOTZLER discovered the medieval town of Bayeux, its history, the Tapestry and the cathedral during a press trip organised in April 2015. She talks about the history of William the Conqueror, but also gives the last new addresses of Bayeux (accommodation and restaurants) in the Belgian weekly newspaper Télécran, in January 2016!


41 000 copies

The journalist Uli BOTZLER came in April 2015

Normandie Passion – December 2015

FRANCE – Normandie Passion – December 2015


The year 2016 will be marked by two major events which directly echo the prestigious past of Ducal Normandy. These are the reunification of Normandy and the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings (October 14, 1066) and the coronation of William the Conqueror in the Westminster Abbey in London (December 25, 1066). Different projects will be presented throughout the year of 2016.


Thanks to the press release “950th Anniversary” sent in October 2015

Monde du camping car – Nov 2015

FRANCE – Le Monde du Camping-Car – November 2015


Focus on the scallop festivals in an article of the monthly newspaper Le Monde du Camping-Car. The festival “Le Goût du Large” in Port-en-Bessin and the Grandcamp-Maisy scallop festival are on the programme of the agenda!


75 000 copies

This article is published thanks to the “Scallop festivals in le Bessin” press kit sent in August 2015

UK – November 2015

UK – November 2015


Julie FALCONER discovered Port-en-Bessin during the festival Le Goût du Large in November 2015! She publishes an article on her blog A Lady In London about the different maritime tradition fesivals organised in Normandy.


38 000 visitors per month

The journalist Julie FALCONER came in November 2015

UK – October 2015

UK – Essex Enquirer – October 2015


The Normandy in 24 hours, from London? It is possible with the FlyBe correspondance between Caen and London! Jessica Fleig tested and approved! She gives a review of her discovery of Bayeux in her article (published 9th October, 2015): Tapestry, cathedral, cider tasting, embroiedery workshop… A rich journey only 2 hours from London!


180 000 readers

The journalist Jessica FLEIG came in June 2015

French Entrée – Sept/oct 2015

UK – French Entree – Autumn 2015


Florence DERRICK came in November 2014 to discover the scallop festival Le Goût du Large in Port-en-Bessin! She gives a 6-pages article about it in the autumn edition of the bimestrial magazine French Entree.


20 000 copies

The journalist came in November 2014

BELGIUM – September 2015

BELGIUM – Deuzio – September 2015


Deuzio is the week-end supplement of the Belgium daily newspaper L’Avenir. In the edition of the 12th September 2015, the Tourism section gives a medieval portrait of the Normandy, with Bayeux, its famous Tapestry and its cathedral.


100 000 copies

The journalist Jean-Luc HENRARD came in April 2015

FRANCE – Septembre 2015

FRANCE – Version Femina – September 2015


The smallest house of France in one of the biggest french medias! Version Femina gives a review about this new accommodation of Bayeux, situated in front of the tourist office.


3,1 millions copies

This article is the result of the press release, sent in June 2015

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