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Bayeux Intercom Tourist Office is an association governed by Act 1901 of French civil law. It was created in 1998 by the “Communauté de Communes Bayeux Intercom” (a grouping of 36 communes). The status of association enables local councillors and professionals to work together towards the development of tourism in Bayeux Bessin – D-Day Normandie destination.

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The General Assembly consists of 10 elected members, appointed by the Community of Communes (for the duration of the mandate) and service providers within the Inter-communal area who have paid their membership.

The Board comprises 18 members: 6 local councillors and 12 members. The Bureau comprises 9 members: 3 local councillors and 6 members. The Inter-communal Tourist Office has a technical team: 12 permanent employees and also seasonal workers.

In accordance with the Code of tourism, the Inter-communal Tourist Office operates in the scope of a long-term agreement signed with its supervisory authority. This specifies the tasks entrusted to the Tourist Office: